Sophos XG 210

Sophos XG 210

The Sophos XG 210 and XG 230 are designed to protect small to mid-sized businesses and branch offices. Based on the latest Intel technology and equipped with 6 GbE copper ports, 2 GbE SFP fiber ports plus one FleXi Port slot to configure with an optional module, they provide high flexibility and throughput at an excellent price-to-performance ratio. An external redundant power supply is optional for these models.

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Power consumption XG 210: 19W, 65 BTU/hr (idle)
35W, 119 BTU/hr (full load)
XG 230: 21W, 72 BTU/hr (idle)
41W, 141 BTU/hr (full load)
Operating temperature 0-40°C (operating)
-20 to +80°C (storage)
Humidity 10%-90%, non-condensing
Product Certifications
Certifications CB, UL, CE, FCC Class A, ISED,
Performance¹ XG 210 Rev. 3 XG 230 Rev. 2
Firewall throughput 16 Gbps 20 Gbps
Firewall IMIX 5.5 Gbps 6.8 Gbps
VPN throughput 1.45 Gbps 1.7 Gbps
IPS throughput 2.7 Gbps 4.2 Gbps
NGFW (IPS + App Ctrl) max. 2.2 Gbps 3 Gbps
Antivirus throughput (proxy) 2.3 Gbps 2.8 Gbps
Concurrent connections 8,200,000 8,200,000
New connections/sec 135,000 140,000
Maximum licensed users unrestricted unrestricted
Physical interfaces
Storage (local quarantine/logs) integrated SSD
Ethernet interfaces (fixed) 6 GbE copper (incl. 2 bypass pairs)
2 GbE SFP*
No. of FleXi Port slots 1
FleXi Port modules (optional) 8 port GbE copper
8 port GbE SFP*
2 port 10 GbE SFP+*
4 port 10 GbE SFP+*
2 port 40 GbE QSFP+*
4 port GbE PoE
8 port GbE PoE
4 port GE copper LAN bypass
I/O ports 2 x USB 3.0 (front)
1 x Micro USB (front)
1 x USB 3.0 (rear)
1 x COM (RJ45) (front)
1 x HDMI (rear)
Display Multi-function LCD module
Power supply Internal auto-ranging
100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
Redundant PSU optional (external)
Physical specifications
Mounting 1U rack mount
(2 rackmount ears included)
Width x Depth x Height
438 x 344.4 x 44mm
17.24 x 13.56 x 1.75 inches
Weight 5.2 kg / 11.46lb (unpacked)
7.7 kg / 16.98 lbs (packed)

Sophos XG 210 Firewall takes an innovative approach across all areas of network security. From the way firewalls are managed, to the way they report information and how they work with other security systems around them, giving you an unprecedented level of simplicity, insight, and advanced threat protection.

Advanced protection kept simplest firewall products make you set up and manage policies across multiple modules or screens. Not Sophos. We provide a powerful unified policy model that allows you to manage, view, filter, and sort all your user, application and network policies on a single screen.

Potent, powerful … fast you get all the next-gen firewall features you need plus features you can’t get anywhere else – including our revolutionary Security Heartbeat, full web application firewall, and complete email anti-spam, encryption and DLP. No extra hardware. No extra cost. Simply choose what you want to deploy

On-box reports included as standard with hundreds of built-in reports you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your users and your network. You get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required. And our unique User Threat Quotient reports show you which of your users are putting your security at risk.

  • Sophos XG 210 TotalProtect
    Includes: Appliance and FullGuard subscription (Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection and Enhanced Support)
  • Sophos XG 210 TotalProtect Plus
    Include Appliance, FullGuard Plus Subscription (Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection, Enhanced Support and Sandstorm)
  • Sophos XG 210 EnterpriseProtect
    Includes: Appliance and EnterpriseGuard subscription (Network Protection, Web Protection and Enhanced Support)
  • Sophos XG 210 EnterpriseGuard
    Includes: Network Protection, Web Protection, and Enhanced Support
  • Sophos XG 210 FullGuard
    Includes Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection, and Enhanced Support
  • Sophos XG 210 FullGuard Plus
    Includes Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection, Enhanced Support and Sandstorm

Security Heartbeat functionality is available when Sophos XG 210 Firewall Network Protection, EnterpriseGuard, or FullGuard subscription is used in conjunction with Central Endpoint Advanced, Cloud Enduser Protection, and Intercept X licenses.

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Coverage varies per the option selected

  • If your existingSophos XG 210 appliance does not have an active subscription or license, you will need to purchase a new license.
  • If you currently have an active subscription with an existing SG appliance, you can renew that subscription license by purchasing the renewal.


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