Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 NSM5

Get the Ubiquiti PowerBridge M5 (PBM5) at the best price in Kenya from Wodex Technologies

The  Nanostation M5 Featres compact indoor and outdoor design. It has great performance combining advanced radio architecture, highly antenna system and powerful firmware that allow high stability, high throughput and great performance being an edge ahead of high-end Wimax antennas. The Ubiquiti nanostation M5 is a perfect CPE When paired with other 5GHz ubiquity Equioment like nanosation loco m5, Ubiquiti Rocket M5, Power beam and Litebeam. The nanostation M5 can alos be sued for  short point to Points Links by using one gadget as a station (Receiver) and another as an access point (Transmitter).


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