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IronWolf 16TB
16TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 RV sensors : NO
IronWolf 14 TB
ST14000VN00083-year limited warranty
14TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 12 TB
ST12000VN00083-year limited warranty
12TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 10 TB
ST10000VN00083-year limited warranty
10TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 8 TB
ST8000VN00043-year limited warranty
8TB SATA 6Gb/s 7,200 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 6 TB
ST6000VN00013-year limited warranty
6TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,400 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 4 TB
ST4000VN0083-year limited warranty
4TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,900 IHM : Yes RV sensors : Yes
IronWolf 3 TB
ST3000VN0073-year limited warranty
3TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,900 IHM : NO RV sensors : NO
IronWolf 2 TB
ST2000VN0043-year limited warranty
2TB SATA 6Gb/s 5,900 IHM : NO RV sensors : NO


Seagate IronWolf 12TB Sata Hard Drive

The Power of Agility for Home, SOHO, and SMB NAS Enclosures

IronWolf is designed for everything NAS. Get used to tough, ready, and scalable 247 performance that can handle multi-drive environments across a wide range of capacities.

The IronWolf HDD is a best-fit for the following applications with a user workload rating of 180 TB/year:

1- to 8-bay network attached storage (NAS)
Desktop RAID and servers
Multimedia server storage
Private cloud


Be tough. Be ready.


Optimised for NAS with AgileArray, IronWolf enterprise-class hard drives are built to be always-on, always working in NAS enclosures with RAID up to 8 bays.

Home, SOHO, and SMB NAS


NAS-vendor approved

Tested and qualified by leading NAS vendors for compatibility.


Drive health monitoring

Automatically displays prevention, intervention, and recovery options.


Best-in-class performance

AgileArray firmware delivers vibration tolerance for NAS

A+ IronWolf Standard Home Row 3

Connected home

Manage all your data backup and streaming media needs.

A+ IronWolf Standard Creative Pro Row 3

Collaborate more

Handle collaborative projects and workloads.

A+ IronWolf Standard SMB Row 3

Business tough

Optional Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

A+ IronWolf Standard IW Row 4 A+ IronWolf Standard IW Pro Row 4 A+ IronWolf Standard Exos Row 4
Product Ironwolf Ironwolf Pro Exos
Capacity Up to 16 TB Up to 16 TB Up to 12 TB
Bays Up to 8 Up to 24 Unlimited
IHM 4 TB to 16 TB 4 TB to 16 TB
Data recovery Optional 2 years included Optional



  • Optimised for NAS with AgileArray. AgileArray is built for balance with Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors along with dual-plane balancing and RAID optimisation in multi-bay environments with the most advanced power management possible.
  • High performance means no lag times or downtime for users during high traffic time for the NAS. Seagate leads the competition with the highest performance in NAS-class drives.
  • Range of capacities up to 14 TB. More capacity options means more choices that will fit within the budget. Seagate provides a scalable solution for any NAS use-case scenario.
  • Do more with multi-user technology. Enables user workload rate of 180 TB/year. Multiple users can confidently upload and download data to the NAS server, knowing it can handle the workload, whether youre a creative professional or small business


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